Monday, August 31, 2009


Panoramic view of the ankle joint.
(to the left is the medial malleolus and to the right is the tip of the fibula (lateral malleolus). This is a combination of ankle arthoscopy pictures taken and put together to give the whole picture)

This is a procedure being performed during the ankle arthroscopy
(a pneumatic burr is inserted via one of the portals to remove a meniscoid lesion within the ankle joint)

This is how I perform an ankle arthoscopy

Arthroscopy - arthro (joint), scopy (to look at view telescope)

Arthroscopy of joints such as the knee, shoulder and hip are pretty well known in orthopaedic practice. It allows orthopaedic surgeons to make diagnosis via direct visualization of the joint and perform therapeutic procedures should the need arise.

In Foot and Ankle Surgery, this procedure allows me to looking into the ankle and subtalar joints should the need arise. It is very new and the instrumentation used are different than that of the other joints mentioned above.

In addition to the joints being scoped (medical jargon for looked at), the tendon tunnels and sheaths can also be looked at in the area of the foot and ankle.

Should you have pain in your ankle after an injury or for any other reason, consult your consultant foot and ankle surgeon.

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